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Endowments contribute To Summit’s Funding

The University’s academic mission is supported through the Endowment and other gifts. Thousands of generous gifts have been made to Summit’s endowment since the university’s founding; many of which have been contributed to support specific parts of the university’s teaching and research. These gifts, when added together, create a long-term source of support that connects scholars and learners from a wide range of backgrounds with opportunities at Summit, both now and in the future.

By advancing ground-breaking research, sustaining a world-class faculty, and funding student financial aid, these financial resources are critical to the University’s purpose. The mission of the endowment is to financially support the many endeavors of the University’s faculty, students and staff, shape the character of Summit as an institution, and ensure its permanence. Since we know how important these gifts and endowments go in sustaining our university, the University Endowment is managed and stewarded by a distinct unit – the Endowment Office – at Summit.

To support this mission, the Endowment Office focuses on preserving and prudently growing the endowment and its income distribution in perpetuity. We promise to annually publish our reports as a form of transparency and provide you with feedback and updates on your trust.

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