Advancement Bureau

We at summit university advancement bureau, a mission-driven entity, promote partnership with international and interested institutions, research institutes, academic outlets, and professional firms whose vision and mission are also for academic excellence and development in research. This is geared towards having productive graduates, world-class research, and implementable projects. This partnership can involve a variety of activities, such as joint research or teaching initiatives or engaging in formalized faculty or student exchanges, internships for students as we see internship a perfect opportunity to explore future career options and to begin to build both a portfolio and a professional network.
We understand that some colleges and universities may be interested in recruiting more international students and may have funding to contribute while others may not. Some may be more interested in establishing faculty exchanges or joint-degree programs.
We welcome 2022 to build upon our mission of connecting employability and education through experiential learning and internship about student internships. Let’s work together to shape the future of International Education. This is encouraged as finding a full-time role after graduation can seem a daunting task. Now, more than ever, internships for college students are essential elements of career preparation. With this stated, Summit University sees Hands-on experience, especially with international bodies as just as important as coursework for those looking to make a smooth transition into the global workforce.

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