Advancement Bureau

We have always prioritized excellence because it is our watchword. Therefore, through the Student’s Affairs Unit, our university awards scholarships at different levels – departmental level, faculty level and the overall university level – to the indigent students and bright students based on their academic performance to aid their learning.

The scholarships awarded by the University are designed for various categories of students. Some of the available scholarships are:

Youth Empowerment Through Education

In order to develop African’s human and social capital through education, a number of development and non-governmental organizations are partnering with Summit University to provide bursaries and scholarships to exceptional and talented students across Africa studying specific courses in Summit University, Offa.

Female Education For Nation Building Scholarship

The Female Education for Nation Building Scholarship scheme offers undergraduate scholarship to academically gifted girls/women from disadvantaged background in Nigeria. The scheme targets up to two hundred (200) girls and women from each geo-political zone of Nigeria.

Ansar-Ud-Deen Education Trust Fund

Summit University has an Education Trust Fund with the Ansar-ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, (the parent organisation of Summit University). The Trust Fund offers scholarship to the children of indigent members of Ansar-ud-deen Society of Nigeria across Nigeria.
Eligibility: Must have applied and be admitted to Summit University, Offa Must be a serving member of any branch of the Ansar-ud-Deen Society of Nigeria.

Work-Based Scheme

Summit University offers a part-time, on-campus work-based program for exceptional students with specific financial needs. The students gain valuable work experience and skills related to their relevant courses of study, while the remuneration goes to the payment for the specific financial need.

Sadaqatul Jariyah Trust

Wealthy and influential Muslims and Zakat organizations sponsor a number of indigent students in Summit University as Sadaqatul Jariyah for their loved ones that have passed away.

Instalment Payment Plan

Parents of students in Summit University can pay a specified monthly instalment to cover the total fees of their children/wards. The specified amount shall be deducted from source to Summit University account.
Eligibility: The parent(s) of the students must be tenure employees in either the Federal or State Civil Service.

Islamic Organizations (N+1 Admissions)

Summit University offers Islamic organizations that sponsor up to five (5) students to Summit University, Offa free tuition fees for a sixth student.

Siblings Discount

Parents that have up to two children/wards in Summit University, Offa are eligible for a 50% tuition fees payment discount for a third child.

Sponsor A Student